You are a brand, a designer ... you are looking to make bags, school bags, wallets, belts ...!

You want your drawings to come alive!

You have samples and you want to do other items ??

This tab is specially dedicated for you! accompanies you for the manufacture of your leather goods. Bags, portfolios, briefcase, briefcases, office partitions, .... We offer a unique customization in series to the image of your brand.

Leather, Dain, Leather Simili ... We have a stock of a large stock of raw materials to satisfy your demand. Each product is unique, we accompany you from the creation to the final product, each detail is customizable as the surpiques with the choice of color, the possibility of making a two-color product but also the little details that make the difference to satisfy you.

More than 20 years of experience in this field we have ensured and we always ensure the manufacture of European luxury luxury goods

Plus, located in downtown Casablanca, Morocco in a country recognized worldwide for the manufacture of luxury leather goods!

A partnership could assure you a better quality of your products as well as the respect of the deadlines and the adaptation to the requested quantities.

We would be delighted to count you among our customers!

Contact us on or by phone on (+212) 625 70 61 41 to tell us about your project.