How to maintain my MJ items?

We use leathers that do not require special maintenance, however some precautions are to follow:

If the leather has taken rain, be sure to let it air dry naturally.
It is strongly advised to avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat and greasy substances, otherwise irreversible damage may occur. Without maintenance or precaution, the leather can evolve significantly and prematurely (discoloration of the skin, spots)
Avoid contact with raw textiles, which can cause color transfer and blacken the leather irreversibly. The light and bright colors, more delicate, are to be maintained with even greater care: we will therefore avoid wearing a bag with light colors on a dark garment, and vice versa.
the dust can also be abrasive, which is why without regular use it is recommended to keep the bag in its protective cover and in a clean, dry and ventilated place.




I stained my bag, what to do?

Oops, a stain on the bag! Is it serious doctor ? It all depends on the task ...


If your bag has slightly blackened in places, you can clean it:

in the case of oily leather: using a clean cloth, water and mild hand soap (scrub gently and allow to air dry).
if it is a leather "peach skin" (grained): rub the dirty parts with a brush nubuck leather or a white eraser, and if the stains persist complete the treatment with a cleaning spray for nubuck leather.

Fatty stains

If the leather is stained with grease, you must act quickly.

if it is a greasy leather: clean the stain with dishwashing detergent and leave to air dry
if it is a leather "peach skin": deposit Terre de Sommières generously on the stain then leave a whole night for the powder to absorb fat.
If there is a halo, know that it will disappear as the patina is formed.

Color transfer

Your jeans or coat has rubbed off on your bag. Ouch! Some clothes can blacken the leather irreversibly. To avoid this, pay attention to raw textiles whose dyeing easily breaks down (dark jean type) and avoid wearing a light colored bag on dark clothing.



What is a greasy leather, an ice leather, a peach skin leather?

The creators make a point of honor to look for the most beautiful leathers and to surprise each season with new colors, new textures. We thus find in our collections different leathers whose characteristics you will be able to know by consulting the product sheet of the article (to each color corresponds a type of leather).

The types of leather:

bold leather: smooth leather, more or less grained, with a silky touch.
"peach skin" effect leather: nubuck leather, velvety touch. Its surface has been slightly sanded to obtain this peach skin finish, very soft.
glossy leather: leather with a glossy finish, obtained thanks to an aniline treatment that covers the leather with a transparent product.
glossy leather: nubuck leather, covered with a transparent film with a sparkling finish.
crocodile leather: crocodile-print calfskin
python leather: python printed cowhide
vegetable leather: leather obtained through vegetable tanning (tannins from organic substances such as sap, leaves and vegetable bark), as opposed to mineral tanning.

Where to find technical information on products?

Technical information is available on the product sheets. Click on the article that interests you and access the technical information under the visual products: size, composition, color lining, interior design, etc.